So, Why Are You Here ?

An introduction to the Dictacoda Company from Bunty Cuntkin - A&R Manager

If you saw on one of our CD's and came here in the vain expectation that this website might facilitate listening to our stuff or go on about our artists, you might be disappointed. The internet is mostly tiresome, especially websites and I never wanted one but was told to get one. This one's fairly shit as you can see. And so it should be - the internet has almost eliminated the purchase of discs and tapes, leaving us musicians in almost the same place musicians were in until the1800's - i.e. money for playing live and not much else.


Even so, we make independent records here and own our recording studio 'UFFINGTONE' - you can hire it if you want. Anyway, if you want to make records here, you should look and sound like Bear Driver:












Maybe you can explain why 'Enemy' was not the international best-seller it deserved to be. Although it was used on a TV holiday advert in my native Holland, as you English call 'The Netherlands'.

I joined Dictacoda 15 years ago in January 2005 when my band 'The Evil Death Destruction Bastards' first album was released - great things were predicted for The Evils, quoting the common press parlance of the time, yet for me, Vadge McKechnie, Kut Lul and Wilf Groobull, international stardom passed us by and that was the end of the 'Zaltbommel Sound' We were trying to sound like the 1950's although  Melody Maker were cruel enough to suggest the sound quality was more like the 1850's, which shows how much they knew, as the phonograph hadn't even been invented then. Nevertheless, copies of this great album are still available direct from our Bandcamp -click: if you need a copy, it's only nine dollars FFS

Since then, I have been A&R Manager as well as producing many recordings. The market for the CD has collapsed since the turn of the Century, so much so that millions of people don't have a CD player anymore, no longer found in cars or computers the CD is going the way of the Gramaphone needle and the running board. Today, cool people buy vinyl, cool people buy CD's. Meanwhile, the right-wing download everything on their stupid phones, drive electric cars and embrace veganism, which is as cool as being seen on a bicycle wearing Lycra, a helmet and voting for daft Boris. Anyway, when you want to hear stuff from our artists go to our 'Some Stuff' page or type their names into:, etc. You will be able to buy hard copies, which is cool or download stuff if you're a bit of a Donald Trump. Mail me here if you don't get what you're looking for and I'll get it for you.


For your convenience we are not on FaecesBook or Twatter, because you know exactly the sort of people that are don't you...they're all a bunch of James Hunts and who would want to be associated with them?