UFFINGTONE is Dictacoda's own recording studio packed with all sorts of recording equipment, much of it superfluous, although some of it is quite good. Most types of recording machines including reel-to-reel, cassette, DCC, DAT, Akai, Fostex, Tascam, even a computer for Chrissakes!
Our overall objective is to make our recordings sound 1950's/1960's recorded on a one-time, BBC-owned, 'Leevers Rich' 4-track - like this one:
  • Tape or Digital - you choose

  • Digital tends to be bright and sharp

  • Tape is warm and analogue but...

  • 15ips tape has hiss, wow&flutter

  • Maybe record digital, maybe mix and/or master to analogue, the thing is tape will always introduce hiss, it always has, digital with 'tape-emulation' software can warm the job up a bit like the old-time tape recordings (some)

  • Mixing is an art

  • We can effectively mix your files/tapes from any format  

  • Subjective and can always be improved upon

  • Allow (at least) twice as long as the recording process

  • DIY means you'll be happy with the result (might be)

  • We'll do it but subsequent iterations can prove expensive 

  • We've got loads of 'em - all sorts

  • For example, a two-grand Neumann 87 but...

  • The £2K Neumann won't make you sound any better if you sing flat, sharp or lack tone, it will expose you as a naff singer if you are one. All well-played instruments record perfectly, depending on the tone required and will augment other mics too. If you're a good singer the N87 is probably for you

  • Mastering is a science...well, kind of

  • OK, it's more of a science than mixing anyway

  • We do it and afterwards your album will sound 'together'

  • All songs will start and end when they should

  • The volume of everything will be balanced

  • Each master will be appropriate to CD or Vinyl - whatever

  • Or you can send your stuff to 'Mastering Engineers' who have 'Mastering Suites' and fancy stuff...if you want